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Teak logs grade A premium

A-Grade Premium teak is incredibly uniform in color, finish and hardness. There is a minuscule allowance for bunches or discoloration. As a general rule with genuine A-Grade teak wood, such variations in wood grain don't occur.

A-Grade teak logs will have a naturally sleek feel to it and have a warm shine and an even color palette consisting of nectar, wheat, gold, and amber.

To additionally explain the lack of discoloration and bunches in premium center cut A-Grade teak timber: Knots are remnants of branches. In old development teak, the branches are much further away from the heartwood. In this manner: where a bunch would have existed, there may just be a slight, linear, grain pattern variation and a line denoting the variation. There won't be the typical round bunch in such center wood. In more youthful trees, these may manifest as obvious bunches with a round shape, because there has not been sufficient devel

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