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CR Teak Log yard nearing completion and new equity partners.

CR teak new equity partner 2021 Giro De Italia winner Ryder Hesjedal and owner Dylan Sebel.

Despite uncertain times globally due to covid, there are many exciting things going on at CR Teak. Cr Teak has just acquired 3 new pieces of equipment for our new log yard. Our log yard is 3.5 acres and situated close to the container port . We acquired 2 new self loading logging trucks and 1 knuckle-boom loader mounted on a log truck. This equipment was purchased out of Washington, US, and will make its way this month on a vessel to Costa Rica. Soon to follow we have a 966 loader for our yard as well as a skidder for pulling logs to the patio at the plantation. We are also in talks with Wood Mizer Costa Rica to put in a saw mill to utilize off cuts and small logs. CR teaks new log yard should be operational mid June and will produce minimum 10 containers per day of logs followed in June/July of 2 containers of teak lumber.

CR teaks two new self loading logging trucks and new knuckle boom loader (mounted on a truck) on their way to CR.

2012 Giro de Italia Winner Ryder Hesjedal

In other exciting news CR teak would like to officially announce 2012 Giro De Italia winner Ryder Hesjedal as our new equity partner. Ryder brings valuable financial connections to the company as well as mentorship in the arena of hard work, determination, goal setting, and a never quit attitude. Its also dam cool to have a grand tour winner on your team! 2021 is looking to be truly the year CR teak takes over. We are super excited about things to come.

CR teak team celebrating Managing Partner Dylan Sebel's 42nd birthday. Amazing night with awesome colleagues!

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