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Our Team





Dylan has 25 years in the forest industry with experience in log scaling, lumber grading, and overseas marketing and sales. He started in the forest industry as a forklift operator and then re-manning and grading lumber and finally, settling in sales and exporting timber. Dylan has been part of numerous bulk log projects and was instrumental in the shipping the largest bulk cargo of logs to leave the southern US to China, a massive 51,000m3! Dylan handles all the overseas sales for CR teak and works closely with his Dubai sales team. He is also crucial in using his network to make sure CR teak has appropriate funding and operational help.





Henri is an Industrial and Computer Science Engineer. Through the years worked as a consultant for banking IT sector and lead projects in Brazil like Banco Du Brazil and Caixa Bank for security improvement and ATM hardware fraud prevention. Henri is being involved in complex hardware upgrades for Bet365 and Ladbrokes in the UK. Expert in Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, legal licensing in different gambling jurisprudences, lead the expansion of several Asian brands into the EU market. Strong business development professional with experience in Europe, Americas and Asia. Henri was for six years CEO at a South Korean Telecom and Software development company. Henri took Archer privately held company as a partner from 20 employees to 242 in a matter of 2 years with a yearly revenue of 14 million a year. Henri is CR teaks essential bridge between our office and our operations. Making sure all domestic issues with government, banks, plantation owners and local employees are met.



Northern Territory Manager


Dovey is born in Costa Rica and has been in the teak business in CR for more then 20 years.


Dovey lives in Hojancha the heart land of teak country. Every where Dovey goes people know him, his family roots go deep in the region. He is experienced in machine operation, logging, running crews, and loading containers. On weekends you can catch Dovey shredding the local gravel roads on his dirt bike. 




Bob has 49 years’ experience in the forest industry. He is one of only two master lumbermen in all of Canada. Bob has worked almost every job in the mill from grader, production managers, mill manager, and sales manager. He also has run high production log yards. He will work closely with Dave Westerlund to make sure the CR teak log yard is running efficiently and on time to meet shipping dates and volumes.

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Ryder is a former professional road cyclist who won the Giro de Italia in 2012. He is Canada most successful Canadian cyclist to date. Ryder isn’t active in day-to-day operations but acts as a perfect image for our company due to his hard work ethic, no die attitude and never quit mentality! He is active behind the scenes making sure CR teak is connected to appropriate funding and PR networks. Also, it’s just super cool having a champion as part owner!




Dave has 42 years’ experience in the forest industry and is a third generation logger. Dave has extensive experience in running log crews, log yards for export, machines, and anything to do with exporting timber. Dave is famous in the industry for taking and starting Westerlund log handlers and from scratch the port of Astoria, Oregon from doing no log exports to shipping more then 35+ vessels to China. Two years in a row he was second in volume only to Weyerhaeuser! Dave will be handling and the boss of all operations for CR teak from stump to getting over the ships rail.

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Stu has 24 years’ experience in the forest industry. He is an active scaler who is certified with experience of Coastal log scaling for 15 years and Interior log scaling for 11 years. He has an all species grading ticket and red cedar grading ticket as well was a junior log broker for 3 years. Currently for CR teak Stu is in charge of quality control and production. He works closely with Dave Westerlund to make sure these two important criteria are met. Furthermore, Stu is experienced on any forestry machine you put in front of him!

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