Our Team



Sales Manager/Managing Partner


Dylan is Canadian born and has been working in the wood industry since 1997 with experience in log scaling, lumber grading, and overseas marketing and sales. 

He started in the forest industry as a forklift operator and then in re-manning and grading lumber and finally, settling in sales and exporting timber.


 Dylan's education and experience has been hands on, building a sound network of industry professionals in foreign markets such as China, Japan, Korea, Europe, and India. Dylan enjoys mountain biking, the gym, road cycling and spending time with his family.





Henri is born in Costa Rica and has been involved in commodity exports since 2008. Henri has extensive experience in business development working prior as a CEO for a large consulting firm in the Philippines.


The last few years has seen Henri return to his home country of Costa Rica to use his international experience in business to become the CEO of CR Teak. Henri excels in corporate structure and efficiencies, his attention to detail is second to none.


Outside of work Henri enjoys hiking, surfing, and spending the weekends with his family.

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Allen is born in Costa Rica and has been involved in several startups developments. Allen has extensive experience in business development and owns a successful soccer academy franchise.

Allen is being helping several companies in administration and financial areas. For the past years he was incorporated in CRTEAK executive staff. Allen is part of the board of directors of Forest and Industry Costa Rica Board.

Outside of work Allen enjoys competing in MTB races, fitness, and enjoy weekends with his family.


Northern Territory Manager


Dovey is born in Costa Rica and has been in the teak business in CR for more then 20 years.


Dovey lives in Hojancha the heart land of teak country. Every where Dovey goes people know him, his family roots go deep in the region. He is experienced in machine operation, logging, running crews, and loading containers. On weekends you can catch Dovey shredding the local gravel roads on his dirt bike. 


Ana Terán

Office Manager


Ana is born in Spain and is a fundamental part of our CR team. She is an expert in documentation and handles everything from export docs, to managing our other office personnel. 

Outside of work Ana enjoys hiking, yoga, and spending the weekends with her family. Fun fact;  Ana is also a professional yoga instructor and coach, currently studying psychology!

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Sarah Hildebrandt

Document Manager


Sarah is born in Canada but splits time with Costa Rica. Her expertise lies in documents for export, and input for log scaling.

Outside of work Sarah enjoys hiking, running, and spending the weekends with her family.