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Costa Rica's Premier Teak Exporter


What We Sell

We are proud to present our teak products with the highest standards in the market.
Why Us?

 We have a combined experience in the forest industry of over 60 years with the experience of exporting logs worldwide and running large volume log yards. We bring the expertise and experience of large volume log yards into Costa Rica. We have experience in overseas marketing and sales as well as extensive experience in different types of log scaling and lumber grading.  We have built a sound network of other industry professionals in log exports in foreign markets like China, Japan, Korea, and India. 

Our Products:

Species: Tectona Grandis (teak)

Origin: Costa Rica 

Grade: High End Commercial and Better (Premium)

Age: 20-40 years

Length: 5M, 6M, 7M+ (Shorts by request)

Measurement: Hoppus M3 - Allowance 5cm on girth and 5cm free trim. Invoiced on gross girth range price and net volume.

Girth Ranges

  • 51-54 

  • 55-59 

  • 60-64 

  • 65-69 

  • 70-74 

  • 75-79 

  • 80-84 

  • 85-89 

  • 90-94 

  • 95-99 

  • 100-104 

  • 105-109 

  • 110-114 

  • 115-119 

  • 120-124 

  • 125cm+

Loading Port: Caldera

Fumigation: Yes (MB)

Documents Presented: BL, Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Phyto, and Cert of Origin

Incoterm: CFR main port India or China

**Click link for PDF sanitized shipping documents

Our Organization

Find out about our mission, methods, and the results of our decades of advocacy

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